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Moto2- Fernandez Takes Heroic Win

Feature Image Credit: Raul Fernandez

An injury that should have costed the race was the reason he won. 

Ahead of the Moto2 race, Raul Fernandez is has an injury and continues to suffer from pain in his hand. Will he be able to race? We’ll find out soon enough. 

Sam Lowes is in pole position followed by the two KTM men. 

Lowes did get the hole-shot off of the line, the top three remaining the same as Ai Ogura makes his way into 4th place. 

WIth one lap in, Lowes is already creating a lead at the front. 

Further back, Hector Garzo is challenging Ogura for 4th. 

Biesiekirski wildcard has a double long lap penalty for jumping the start. 

Raul Fernandez is playing the smart game, right now. Before the pain in his hand can take over, he is working on creating a gap between him and Gardner. When the pain does kick in, he’ll have a bit of distance to work with. 

In his journey of making a lead in the race, Fernandez is able to overtake Lowes. For the Australian, he is continually making mistakes and currently resides in 5th place. It is not the KTM we expected to see struggle today, but Aragon tests everyone. 

The first rider to crash out is Thomas Luthi crashes out of the race. 

Following is: Xavi Vierge and Hector Garzo crash out of the race in separate incidents.

The next person to crash out is Hafizh Syahrin.

The second group consists of Gardner, Ogura, Jorge Navarro, Aaron Canet, Albert Arenas, Fabio DiGiannantonio and Augusto Fernandez. Albert Arenas crashes out of the race. 

There are a lot of riders who are suffering at the track, as we see every year. 

Taking a look back at the front, Fernandez has created over a one-second lead ahead of Lowes, who has a nearly three-second lead ahead of Gardner. 

The Australian seems to be suffering greatly, over half a second slower than his injured teammate. 

Lorenzo Dalla Porta crashes out of the race. 

While all remains the same at the front, Bezzecchi crashes out of the race and it is championship over for him. 

With nine laps to go, the top three has not changed. Aaron Canet is in 4th followed by Jorge Navarro. 

Rider Ai Ogura, who has shown to be an amazing rookie, is back in 7th place. As a rookie, the Aragon track is not always kind. Ogura stated that he did not feel comfortable at the track, but would fight nonetheless. Sam Lowes crashes out of 2nd place as he tried to catch Raul Fernandez. 

Back in 5th, his teammate is looking to take advantage of the crash and claim 3rd place. Gardner has a two-second lead, but also a track limits warning. This is turning out to be a very interesting race. At the front, Fernandez is only four days off of his hand surgery and his lead in the race is only growing. 

Jorge Navarro and Augusto Fernandez are the two riders trying to fight for 3rd place. 

This seems to be where the main battle is, considering that nearly nothing else is changing. It looks like A. Fernandez will be able to take 3rd. 

And Raul Fernandez wins the race, followed by Gardner and A. Fernandez!

What will happen next week? 

Tune in to find out. 

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