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Moto3- Dennis the Menace Strikes Again!

Feature Image Credit: Dennis Foggia

The most dramatic Moto3 race yet- read how the World Championship was flipped on its head.

 Ahead of the 19 lap Motorland Aragon Race, there is the ever closing, but still impressive gap in the championship between Sergio Garcia and Pedro Acosta. 

While we have to keep an eye on them, you know it’s going to be a wild race when Daryn Binder is in pole position. That’s a given, especially with Rodrigo in 2nd.

Sergio Garcia had a great start from the second row, but it is Binder that leads the race. Just when Garcia was looking like he was going to lead the race, he runs it wide and loses two positions, settling in 4th. 

Rodrigo takes advantage and leads the race at the beginning of the second lap. A surprising name in 4th is Andrea Migno. Jeremy Alcoba also getting a great start as he fights from 7th. 

And the rider in front of him? That’s the Moto2 bound Championship Leader Pedro Acosta. 

As Acosta tries to go through on Rodrigo, he nudges him wide and also loses some traction. This allows Salec to overtake them both. 

Filip Salec, who was on his way of making an impressive run, loses it and crashes out. 

Out of nowhere, Deniz Oncu is leading the race ahead of Binder and Migno. 

Acosta has brought himself into 2nd place as Oncu creates a small lead. With the exception of Romano Fenati, gaps are not usually seen at the front of Moto3 races. 

Some other riders to highlight at the beginning of this race is Izan Guevara, who logs in the fastest lap of the race. 

Another rider to mention is Xavi Artigas in 3rd place ahead of teammate Foggia. 

Romano Fenati and Gabriel Rodrigo go wide, where the Gresini Racing rider highsides and nearly takes Fenati out with him. There have been far too many incidents and crashes from Rodrigo, who could be a common race winner if he had more control. 

With 12 laps to go, Dennis Foggia is given a track limits warning along with Lorenzo Fellon. If they continue to touch the sensors then they will have to take a long lap penalty, which could be detrimental to their race. 

Guevara overtakes Foggia and finds himself behind his teammate. As Artigas goes wide, Garcia takes his position while settling in front of Guevara. 

Further back, Binder is aggressive with the world championship leader, as Acosta has been throughout the whole race. 

Despite the mistake from the Leopard rider, Artigas takes the race lead from Oncu. Just over a lap later, Oncu takes it back. 

Carlos Tatay crashes out of turn 5.

While Oncu usually loses his cool after making mistakes, he is doing incredibly well. If he can continue at this rate, he could be the KTM leading the World Championship in 2022. 

Fellon has a long lap penalty from exceeding track limits and ends up in 14th. 

Out of nowhere, Dennis Foggia takes the race lead!

But all eyes are on the two championship leaders, fighting for 4th place. It doesn’t last long as Acosta sits himself up to 6th place, losing some vital championship points. 

With four laps to go, Oncu is leading the race followed by Foggia and Garcia. 

The rider who has not made a mistake all season long, Acosta crashes out of the race and takes Artigas with him. Not only is it his first DNF of the season, but it means that Garcia will get an advantage. This is a monumental moment. 

And with two laps to go, Foggia takes the race lead from Oncu. While it is a great move from Foggia, it would be a shame to see Oncu in 2nd after such an amazing run. 

Oncu, on the final lap, nearly crashes out but also takes 1st back. Foggia is in 2nd and Guevara falls to 5th. 

And Garcia crashes out of the race! 

Foggia takes the lead with one corner left and takes the race win. But all the drama is on the fact that Garcia threw away crucial championship points. 

The podium is Foggia, Oncu and Sasaki. 

How will this effect the rest of the season?
Tune in next week to find out!

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