BTCC: Hill dominates at Croft after sensational overtake on Moffat

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Jake Hill took a dominant victory in race 2 at Croft to kick-start his Championship challenge.

Polesitter Aiden Moffat again started well keeping Hill and Senna Proctor behind him.

Unlike race 1 Hill put pressure on the Infiniti immediately and the two were side-by-side through Sunny In and Sunny Out with Hill eventually passing the Scot mid way through the complex.

The Safety Car was brought out on lap 2 to recover the stricken Toyota Corolla of Rory Butcher.

Once again three laps were added on to the race distance and Hill restarted well opening up the gap to Moffat to 1.7s in one lap.

Moffat appeared to struggle with the success ballast, quickly becoming the cork-in-the-bottle with Senna Proctor, Josh Cook and Colin Turkington following closely.

Cook was able to pass Proctor on lap 9 going into Sunny In.

Cook then closed right up to the back of Moffat, but much like Hill in race 1, Cook was unable to find a way to pass the Infiniti.

Behind Cook, Turkington, Gordon Shedden and Tom Ingram battled hard into Clervaux allowing Ash Sutton to pass them all.

Ingram soon repassed Sutton putting himself into fourth.

Cook was then forced to defend from Ingram, allowing Moffat to open the gap.

Hill beat Moffat by over 5 seconds with Cook holding onto the final podium position.

Ingram finished in front of Sutton, Shedden and Turkington with Proctor, Chris Smiley and Adam Morgan completing the top 10.

Croft Race 2 Results

  1. Jake Hill                                               27:31.374
  2. Aiden Moffat                                          +5.508s
  3. Josh Cook                                               +6.849s
  4. Tom Ingram                                           +7.512s
  5. Ash Sutton                                              +7.749s
  6. Gordon Shedden                                   +7.999s
  7. Colin Turkington                                +10.087s
  8. Senna Proctor                                      +11.254s
  9. Chris Smiley                                         +11.916s
  10. Adam Morgan                                     +12.262s
  11. Stephen Jelley                                     +12.438s
  12. Jason Plato                                           +12.771s
  13. Sam Osborne                                       +13.152s
  14. Ollie Jackson                                       +13.370s
  15. Jack Goff                                              +13.810s
  16. Dan Rowbottom                                 +14.927s
  17. Tom Chilton                                         +15.131s
  18. Dan Lloyd                                            +15.330s
  19. Sam Smelt                                            +16.011s
  20. Jack Mitchell                                       +16.472s
  21. Jade Edwards                                      +17.225s
  22. Aron Taylor-Smith                             +18.419s
  23. Carl Boardley                                      +19.013s
  24. Andy Neate                                          +31.145s
  25. Nick Halstead                                     +33.461s
  26. Jack Butel                                                   1 Lap
  27. Nic Hamilton                                         13 Laps
  28. Tom Oliphant                                        17 Laps
  29. Rory Butcher                                         18 Laps
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