HARD plagued with problems at Rockingham

Team HARD faced a difficult day at Rockingham today, with a number of problems plaguing the team.

Jake Hill was the best qualifying driver from the team, managing a P18, whilst team mate for the weekend Tony Gilham managed twenty eighth and Mike Epps failed to make it onto the rain drenched track.

The problems continued from the free practice sessions.

“Every single one of us has had a problem,” Hill explained after qualifying. “Mine’s been fuel surge all day and therefor causing engine trouble. Mike’s engine has gone “bang” because of fuel surge and Tony’s had gear box issues all day as well so every single car… it’s been a nightmare for the team and credit to all the boys for all the hard work.”

The team were forced to run their cars with more fuel than they would have like due to the fuel surge.

The poor qualifying will put HARD on the back foot going into tomorrow’s three races, where recovery drives are needed. Luckily, the problems seem to have been solved.

“Tony’s car’s fixed, I think,” Hill said. “Mike’s car does have a new engine so I believe it’ll be alright for tomorrow and my car seems to be better so fingers crossed. We’ll see. We have to wait until it’s dry really to have a feeling whether it’s better or not. And I think all the problems should be ok.”

Feature image credit: Caroline Rhea

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